Learning All About Stained Glass Windows

Ways To Make Your Deck Summer Friendly

It seems obvious that you want to use your deck when the weather's nice, right? Unfortunately, nice weather doesn't always correspond with your desire to be outdoors. How often has it happened that you had a hankering for barbecue and either the sun had turned your deck into a hot pad or a sudden chill had taken over? Make a few adjustments to your deck to make it comfortable during the vagaries of summer. Read More 

2 Factors To Consider When It Comes To Window Treatments

Decorating your windows is something that can dramatically improve the appearance of your home's interior. One of the most effective ways of doing this is through the use of window treatments. These are ornate additions to a window that are designed for the sole purpose of improving its appearance. However, if you have never considered getting window treatments, there are probably at least a couple of tips you can follow to help ensure you get the most from this addition. Read More 

Protecting Your Pets During Window Replacements

If you are replacing windows in your home, this can be a major overhaul that involves access to the inside and outside of your home. If you have pets, they need to be considered during a larger window replacement project. Here are five things that you should be aware of when it comes to protecting your pets during window replacement. 1. Access to Broken Glass If you are replacing a broken window or if glass breaks while replacement is occurring, make sure that your pets aren't going to walk through a hazard. Read More 

Using Plantation Shutters In Your Interior Design

Interior plantation shutters date back to the plantations of the south, as the name suggests. They are designed with wide louvers, which allows the sun to shine in. The design is also contusive to enjoying the view. Plantation shutters can complement the decor in any room of your home. Bedroom According to Life Script, one great benefit of the wide louvers is they can be adjusted for privacy – a boon in the bedroom. Read More 

3 Reasons To Replace Your Windows With Energy Efficient Ones

As a homeowner, improving your home is not only important for increased home value, but it is important for your comfort of day-to-day living in the home, as well. One way you can improve your home is to replace old windows with newer ones, especially energy efficient windows. Here are three reasons energy efficient windows can help: 1. Improve Daylighting One problem some homeowners find with replacement windows is that they reduce the amount of daylight coming into the home. Read More