Let There Be Chalking: Window Replacement Energy Efficiency

Replacing your windows delivers delivers an aesthetic pop. However, the biggest wow factor might be when you open your monthly energy bills. Today's modern windows can reduce heating and cooling costs drastically. You might be able to get even more energy savings inexpensively with a little chalking and ingenuity. Get into the Groove Most windows are fitted into place using casings. Although these casings are cut to fit snuggly into your home's walls, overtime, the casings can swell and shrink, creating gaps that let heat escape in the winter and cool air escape during the summer. Read More 

Tips for Dealing with Replacement Windows

Putting new windows in a house is a great way to quickly update its appearance and make it more efficient when it comes to heating and cooling. There are a lot of types of replacement windows on the market today, so making a decision can be a small challenge. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you get ready for your project. Material Choices The range of products available for window replacement is large, and what choice you make mostly boils down to what your priorities are. Read More