Ways To Make Your Deck Summer Friendly

It seems obvious that you want to use your deck when the weather's nice, right? Unfortunately, nice weather doesn't always correspond with your desire to be outdoors. How often has it happened that you had a hankering for barbecue and either the sun had turned your deck into a hot pad or a sudden chill had taken over? Make a few adjustments to your deck to make it comfortable during the vagaries of summer.

Install Some Shade

During the height of summer, the sun can make your deck too hot to handle. A fix for this is installing your own shade.

Midwest Living recommends using canvas to create shady nooks. Sunsetter shades create shade without blocking your view. The convenient aspect of such an installation is that you can retract the shades fully or partially to control the amount of sun that actually hits your deck. This is useful for early mornings or evenings when you want your deck open to the sky. As a bonus, sunsetter awnings that encompass windows can also help cool the interior of your home. A company like Sunrise Shading can help you select the right awning for your deck.

Include a Fountain

Outdoor fountains create just enough ambient noise to shut out the rest of the world. Not only is the sound pleasing, but the water can help cool your deck. Select a sturdy fountain, and place it strategically to catch the breeze.

Add a Portable Fire Pit

Even summer evenings can get a bit nippy, especially if the day has been rainy. A sunsetter shade can protect you from the rain and wind, but you're still going to get a bit chilled. To combat that, find a corner to place a portable fire pit. Fire pits can even be small enough to set on a table. Select a size that best accommodates your outdoor living style.

Plant Greenery

Your backyard may be lush or a bit sparse. Either way, your deck becomes more summer-friendly when you dot it with plants in containers. If you have an outdoor kitchen area, consider a series of herbs clustered around the grill. For an oasis vibe, place reedy plants near the fountain. You can even use your awning to control the amount of sun your plants receive.

Create Some Privacy

If your deck is in open view of the neighbors, use plants, furniture placement and your awning to create privacy. One option is installing a simple trellis and training plants to grow over it as a living wall. Cluster a set of comfortable outdoor furniture behind this wall, and set the fountain nearby for background sound. Pull your shade over, and you've created a private outdoor lounge on your deck.

A sunsetter awning coupled with plants, a fountain and a fire pit transform your deck into a comfortable summer getaway.