3 Tips To Help You Keep Your Shower Doors Sparkling Clean

There are many benefits that come with trading your shower curtain in for glass shower doors. However, your ability to enjoy many of these benefits will depend upon your ability to keep your glass sparkling clean. Thankfully, accomplishing this task can be quite easy when you choose to use the three tips below.  Tip #1: Have Your Shower Doors Treated With A Water Resistant Finish The same water-resistant treatments that are often used on car windshields can also be used on glass shower doors. Read More 

3 Big Advantages Of Having European Tilt-And-Turn Windows

European windows are also known as tilt-and-turn windows. They were first used in Germany and have become a nice option for people who are tired of not being able to clean all of the window glass or who want to be able to change how the window vents the room. While having panes that open inward does mean you have to be careful walking past the windows, this style offers more benefits than cautions. Read More 

4 Benefits Of Residential Window Tinting

When it comes to residential window services, tinting is one option that is commonly overlooked. Unfortunately, this means many people miss out on the multitude of ways tinted windows can enhance their homes. Here are four benefits of residential window tinting that make it worth considering. 1. Improved Privacy  Privacy is the primary motivation for most homeowners who choose tinted windows. While traditional window coverings like curtains, blinds, and shutters can provide similar privacy, they also block the view from the inside. Read More 

4 Important Details To Consider When Picking Curtains For Your Home

When moving to a new home, you might not get window treatments because the previous owner took them. So, you will find it worthwhile to invest in new ones. An important part is figuring out what you need because there are many features and qualities to analyze. After discussing things with your family, you may decide that curtains are the way to go. Then, you can learn about important curtain details to make the right decision for your home. Read More 

Get The Most From Your Shutters Installation

Though there are many different types of shutters out there — wood, aluminum, faux wood, and more — they all serve the same purpose, which is to allow you to customize the look of your windows. Knowing this, it's important to find a company that offers an array of shutter options and can install them expertly. The following information will tell you how you can get more from your shutter installation. Read More