How To Maintain Your Home’s Vinyl Windows

Are you getting new vinyl windows installed on your home? Since you're starting over with new windows, you'll likely want to do whatever it takes to make sure that they are well maintained. Here are some tips that will help you do it.  Pull Out the Window Pane One of the nice things about vinyl double hung windows is that you can actually pull out at least one of the window panes, This will allow you to get into the areas around the frame, access the weather stripping, and generally get to places that you would not normally get to clean them. Read More 

What Makes Energy-Efficient Windows Energy-Efficient?

Updating your aged windows with new, energy-efficient windows will save you a bundle on energy. This is fairly common knowledge, of course. But what many homeowners don't know is how energy-efficient windows work. There are actually a few features that make them able to save you energy. Insulating Sash and Frame Materials A lot of the efficiency has to do not with the glass, but with the materials surrounding the glass. Read More 

3 Things to Know About Replacing Windows

Window replacement is not something you need to consider often. However, if your home's windows are dated, in poor condition, or leading to increased energy costs, it's a good time to look into window replacement. There are plenty of replacement window options to consider, and finding the best fit for your home can be challenging. Here are three things to know that can help you replace your home's windows.  What Options Are Available Read More 

4 Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Window Tinting

Vehicle owners tint their car windows when they need a little more privacy while driving. Likewise, adding quality window film in your commercial building can enhance privacy. Additionally, doing this goes a long way in improving energy efficiency, protecting the interiors from fading, and minimizing glare.  However, not many commercial property owners understand the role of commercial window tinting. So if you are unsure about this window treatment option, read the following four frequently asked questions to understand it better. Read More