Learning All About Stained Glass Windows

3 Things To Consider Before Purchasing Blinds For Your Living Room

Your living room is the central hub of your home. It is where you and your roommates or family members will congregate and meet. It will most likely be the first room that visitors see when they enter your home. These are among the reasons you want your blinds to be absolutely perfect; they should be aesthetically coherent and pleasing, allow you to regulate light, and also create a sense of privacy in your room. Read More 

A Few Accessories To Consider When Having New Windows Installed

If you are going to be having new windows installed in your home, take a bit of time and look around at the accessories available too. Look at the outside and inside of the house, to see what will fit, what would make the window look better, and what would be handy to have. If you can't afford to have the accessories installed at the same time as the windows, talk with the salesperson and installation crew to ensure they can be added later and that the windows are installed in a way that will allow for it. Read More 

3 Factors That Will Help You Decide Between A Sunroom And A Screened Porch

Sunrooms and screened porches serve similar purposes. They allow your family to blend the interior of your home with the outside world. However, a sunroom tends to be viewed as more of an interior space while an enclosed porch is considered part of your exterior. This is because a sunroom can accommodate interior furnishings and a more open doorway. A screened porch, even a well-protected one, still requires outdoor furniture. There are other slight differences between the spaces, and the following guide can help you choose between the two. Read More 

5 Tips For Keeping Your Windows Crystal Clear In Between Professional Cleanings

If you've just had your windows cleaned and you enjoy the newly shined glass, you may be like many other homeowners and wonder how to make that sparkle last. With these 5 tips you can keep your windows crystal clear in between each professional washing. 1. Keep your blinds clean and dust free. If you notice that your blinds are good at picking up dust, consider more frequent wipe downs. Using an antiseptic cleaner and water mix, dampen a microfiber cloth with the mix and wipe down the blinds. Read More 

Five Easy Ways To Keep Your Windows Clean When Remodeling Your Home

Adding or improving your home can greatly improve your satisfaction as a homeowner, but living in the home during a major project will require you to work around a few inconveniences. When hiring a contractor, they will prepare the home for remodeling, which includes protecting the windows. However, you should know how to keep your windows clean when you are the one handling the renovation. Keep Doors and Windows Open Read More