Storm Vinyl Windows Are Great For All Homes

When ordering new windows for their home, many homeowners overlook storm windows. Many people mistakenly think that storm windows are only necessary in homes in severe climates. While storm windows are suggested and often mandated in areas where flooding, tornadoes and hurricanes are common, they're actually useful in mild climates. This article explains why the final storm windows are a great solution for residential properties, no matter what the climate.

They are Durable

The first great thing about vinyl storm windows is that they are extremely durable. They are built with reinforced components to withstand severe weather. This means they will more easily withstand normal wear and tear. Households with small children will especially appreciate the strain. They also do not scratch or dent easily. 

They Have Tempered Glass

Vinyl storm windows are also great because they are built with tempered glass. Tempered glass is specially treated so it will not break easily. Even if the tempered glass pane does break, it breaks into small round pebbles that are not as sharp as normal glass. 

They have Multiple Panes

Storm windows are also commonly built with multiple panes. A double or triple pane window will be stronger, more solar efficient, more soundproof and safer. There is pressurized air or gas between each pane to reduce solar absorption. This makes it much easier to keep a room cool on a hot, sunny day. This added insulation is also very helpful during the winter because it the cold air from radiating into your home through the glass.

They are Energy Efficient

In general, storm windows have much better solar and energy efficiency. Even if you live in a mild climate, you will be able to run a much more efficient household with vinyl storm window fixtures. And you can order vinyl fixtures that have added insulation in the frame. This, coupled with multiple panes and tempered glass, will make your windows more efficient in every season. In the long run, storm windows pay for themselves when you consider the money you'll be saving on your utility bills.

They are Easy to Maintain

The final reason to invest in vinyl storm windows is the mere fact that they are so easy to maintain. They are a product that is easy to clean and requires very little maintenance. You can simply clean vinyl window frames with glass cleaner or a wet cloth.

It is easy to see why so many homeowners are investing in vinyl storm windows. To find out more about windows, contact a company like Window Planet.