3 Tips To Help You Keep Your Shower Doors Sparkling Clean

There are many benefits that come with trading your shower curtain in for glass shower doors. However, your ability to enjoy many of these benefits will depend upon your ability to keep your glass sparkling clean. Thankfully, accomplishing this task can be quite easy when you choose to use the three tips below. 

Tip #1: Have Your Shower Doors Treated With A Water Resistant Finish

The same water-resistant treatments that are often used on car windshields can also be used on glass shower doors. The purpose of these treatments is to encourage water droplets to run off of the glass rather than drying on the glass and leaving behind water spots. Not only will this help to keep your shower doors free from unsightly water spots, but it can also prevent your glass from becoming etched as a result of mineral deposits that may be present in your home's water supply. When applying this type of treatment to your shower doors, it is always best to have the treatment applied by a professional. This is because while these treatments are readily available in do-it-yourself varieties, you could find yourself dealing with a very slippery shower floor if you allow even the smallest amount of the product to drip off of your glass. 

Tip #2: Spray Your Glass Shower Doors With A Simple Homemade Cleaner Each Day

There are tons of different glass cleaners on the market, however, you can make a very effective cleaner for your shower doors from items you likely have in your kitchen cabinets. To create this homemade cleaner, you will simply need to combine a small amount of baking soda, dish detergent, and white vinegar in a spray bottle. Fill the remainder of the bottle with water and use this mixture to spray down your shower doors each day. This very simple maintenance is a great way to prevent mold and mildew from forming and prevent your glass from becoming cloudy. While there is no need to scrub your glass each day when applying this cleaner, you may wish to use a squeegee or microfiber cloth to remove any excess moisture. Taking this extra step will help to ensure your glass remains streak free. 

Tip #3: Use Talc-Free Soap When Showering

The development of soap scum can be linked to one single ingredient in many body soap products. This ingredient is talc. Choosing to use talc-free soap products will eliminate the issue of soap scum and make the task of keeping your shower doors sparkling clean much easier. For many people, this will mean making the switch from bar soap to a liquid body wash. However, there are some talc-free bar soaps if you do not wish to use liquid soap. 

Reach out to a local shower doors provider to learn more.