4 Important Details To Consider When Picking Curtains For Your Home

When moving to a new home, you might not get window treatments because the previous owner took them. So, you will find it worthwhile to invest in new ones. An important part is figuring out what you need because there are many features and qualities to analyze.

After discussing things with your family, you may decide that curtains are the way to go. Then, you can learn about important curtain details to make the right decision for your home.


Window treatment dimensions will impact the windows in a few substantial ways. Getting curtains that are just wide and tall enough to cover the windows can lead to sunlight peaking around the edges. An excellent solution is to prioritize curtains with oversized dimensions because this will give you a lot more flexibility with their position, whether open or closed.


Curtain thickness will play a huge role in how much light passes through. You might want to add sheer curtains to the dining room and kitchen to let as much sunlight through as possible while still getting some privacy. However, you may love getting thick curtains in the living room and bedrooms because you can block out light and maximize privacy.

Room darkening curtains allow some light to pass through. When your family loves watching television or playing video games, you can get blackout ones to eliminate glare.


Curtains are made in a wide variety of materials. In a luxurious master bedroom, you may like the idea of lace, velvet, or satin curtains that add to the luxurious feel. Cotton, linen, and drapery are some other common materials worth considering for curtains around the house. 

Cotton is an excellent choice when you are interested in a budget-friendly option. For instance, the affordability might make it easy to get the design, thickness, and dimensions you want for every window in the house. Another benefit is cleaning these curtains in the washing machine.

Living in a house with kids and pets means the treatments will inevitably get dirty. You may appreciate the ability to take them down and clean them quickly and easily. 


When you pick curtain colors, you can do it with several ideas in mind. One idea is to prioritize neutral colors to look great in your home regardless of furniture and decorations. Choosing shades that do not show dirt and grime easily is a perk of going neutral. Another strategy worth considering is picking curtain colors based on your home's color scheme.

Analyze these details while curtain shopping to pick the right ones for your home and family.

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