3 Big Advantages Of Having European Tilt-And-Turn Windows

European windows are also known as tilt-and-turn windows. They were first used in Germany and have become a nice option for people who are tired of not being able to clean all of the window glass or who want to be able to change how the window vents the room. While having panes that open inward does mean you have to be careful walking past the windows, this style offers more benefits than cautions.

You Can Clean All Sides Safely

One of the best advantages to European windows is that, since they open inward, they can be cleaned on both sides including the side that faces outward without having to put your safety at risk if the windows are higher than ground level. And, you can clean them without removing screens, so all of the glass is accessible.

They Can Have More Panes

European windows are built for European winters. In Southern Europe, that might not be that bad, but in Northern Europe, you want that heat-retaining insulation. If you live in the northern U.S. or at a higher elevation, you'll want that extra insulation, too, which comes in the form of more panes. Instead of a dual-pane window, you might have triple panes instead.

You Can Customize Ventilation in Your Home

Because these windows open not only inward as a whole, but from the top as well, you can customize the type of ventilation you get. When you open these windows, you can turn the handle two different ways. One lets you swing the window in, like a reverse casement window, so that the window is attached on one side with the other side, top, and bottom detached from the frame. Turning the handle the other way lets you pull the window in and down, so that it is attached at the bottom but not on the top or sides.

When you open it this way, the actual opening is smaller, but it lets warmer air out of the house (because warm air rises). If you use the first option, you get a lot of general ventilation, of course, because you can swing that pane inside to create a large open angle. But if you're specifically trying to cool a room, you want to let out more warm air than cool air, and that top opening is what you want.

European windows may not look like the windows you grew up with in the United States, but they offer many advantages that help you keep your home and the windows in good shape. Combining European windows with other styles such as double-hung and double-sliders can really help you keep your home cooler with less air conditioning use.

For more information on European windows, contact a company near you.