2 Reasons To Consider Impact-Resistant Windows

When replacing your home's windows, it is very important to take the opportunity to see what benefits you can achieve by installing specialty window options, such as impact-resistant glass. Impact-resistant windows are made by utilizing two panes of glass joined together by an adhesive film. Listed below are two reasons to install impact-resistant windows throughout your house.

Home Safety

One reason to consider impact-resistant windows is that it can keep you and your family safer during a major storm. One reason for this is that the impact-resistant glass will not explode into shards of glass when a piece of debris is blown into your window at high speeds. While the glass will still shatter when a piece of debris hits it at high enough speeds, the adhesive film will hold the broken pieces of glass in the window frame.

This will help prevent flying glass from striking you or a member of your family as well as keeping those pieces of glass from getting on the floor. In addition, the adhesive film will hold the glass in place and prevent water from the storm or more debris from entering the home unimpeded and causing further damage.

Another way that impact-resistant windows can make you and your family safer is due to the fact that they can help keep intruders out of your home. When an intruder tries to break through an impact-resistant window, he or she will have to take more time to get into your house since he or she cannot simply break the glass and enter the home. Instead, the intruder will have to take the time to remove the broken pieces of glass and adhesive film from the window frame in order to get into your house.

Home Insurance Discounts

Finally, impact-resistant windows can be a fantastic way to save a bit of money every month because you can often get a discount on your home insurance policy. The reason for this is that the impact-resistant windows will make it much less likely that you will have to make a large claim to cover damage to your home as a result of a storm or lost property due to a break in. Since those risks are lower, the insurance company will typically lower the cost of your policy in order to reflect the reduced risk.

Contact a contractor today in order to discuss the many reasons why you should install impact-resistant windows. These windows are a great option that can make your home safer and provide you with home insurance discounts.