3 Factors To Consider When Choosing Winter-Efficient Replacement Windows

Hiring a window installation company to replace some windows in your house? Do you live in an area that suffers brutally cold winter temperatures? Choosing winter-efficient windows can help keep your heat costs down in winter without also sweltering you out in summer. There are three characteristics to look for when considering window efficiency: low-e, r-value / u-factor, and SHGC. Low-E Coating Low-e or low emissivity coating is a coating placed on the window pane by the manufacturer. Read More 

Four Things To Do Before Installing Custom Windows

If you want to give your home a new look, installing new windows and doors can be a great investment. This may be something you want to do if you are doing other things like new siding. Sometimes, installing new custom windows may be an alternative to using replacement windows if the casings have extensive damage. Here are some tasks and repairs you will need to do to prepare for new custom windows: Read More 

Two Ways To Remove Or Minimize Small Scratches On Your Home’s Window Panes

Small scratches on your home's window panes can be removed completely or minimized considerably with one of the following methods. Maintaining the windows in the future will keep them looking great and help them last for many years. Materials glass cleaner lint free cloths ammonia baking soda water spoon bowl polishing compound with cerium oxide buffing pad sponge mild detergent Before trying either of the scratch removal techniques, wipe the window panes off with glass cleaner and a lint free cloth. Read More 

Storm Vinyl Windows Are Great For All Homes

When ordering new windows for their home, many homeowners overlook storm windows. Many people mistakenly think that storm windows are only necessary in homes in severe climates. While storm windows are suggested and often mandated in areas where flooding, tornadoes and hurricanes are common, they're actually useful in mild climates. This article explains why the final storm windows are a great solution for residential properties, no matter what the climate. Read More 

Ways To Make Your Deck Summer Friendly

It seems obvious that you want to use your deck when the weather's nice, right? Unfortunately, nice weather doesn't always correspond with your desire to be outdoors. How often has it happened that you had a hankering for barbecue and either the sun had turned your deck into a hot pad or a sudden chill had taken over? Make a few adjustments to your deck to make it comfortable during the vagaries of summer. Read More