Things You Should Do To Protect Your Newly Installed Auto Tints

If you are thinking about car window tinting services, you must have considered how beneficial the investment will be. Besides ensuring that the car's interior components are protected from the UV rays, you'll improve your auto's appearance and get the privacy you desire. However, before you can enjoy these benefits, it's crucial to take care of the newly installed tints to enjoy your investment for longer and ensure they look new. Below are some steps you should follow after installation.

Get rid of the adhesive left-overs

Once your car window tinting is installed, some residual glue might be left on the window. You may also have adhesive from other items taped on the window when the tint was installed. All these excess adhesive residuals need to be removed using acetone. This product will work like magic when it comes to removing adhesives and glues without harming the new tint film. All you need to do is add some of the product on a cotton cloth and wipe the area to remove the adhesive easily. Be sure to avoid the tint edges because they will peel off once the product gets there.

Don't scratch the tint

Scratching the window tint with any sharp object will damage the film. Therefore, it's crucial to ensure your vehicle is kept from sharp objects that might scratch the windows. For instance, you will need to be extra careful as you load items into the vehicle. It would also help if you gave the tint time to dry when you realize that it's slightly moist after installation. Usually, the dull appearance disappears once the tint is firm.

Avoid washing the window immediately after the tint is applied

Although car cleaning is an essential part of maintenance, you will need to give your newly installed tint time to dry before washing the car. Ideally, you are required to wait for 3-5 days before you can clean the car. This is the reason experts recommend that you clean the vehicle before installing the tints.

Once the tint is dry, you will need to follow the right procedures to clean the windows. The first step is to get the best cleaning products for the task, as recommended by the car tinting experts. Some of the cleaning supplies you should bring include cotton cloths, rubber squeegees, microfiber cloths, and a cleaner designed for tints. You should also use warm water to clean the windows. Do not use scrapers, cleaners with harsh chemicals, baking soda, vinegar, or steel sponges.