4 Window Repair Tips to Prepare Your Home for Improvements & Renovations

If you have an older home, you may be considering renovations and improvements to make it up to date. Some of the improvements probably include repairing, restoring and improving the windows. No matter what type of window improvements you may be considering, you can be sure that there are going to be some repairs that need to be done. The following tips will help you with the window repairs that need to be done for your home renovations: 

Inspect Openings for Wear and Water Damage 

Wear and water damage are the most common problems that affect exterior windows and doors. Therefore, you want to inspect all the openings for signs of damage like rot and wear that needs to be repaired before you can begin window improvements to renovate the exterior of your home. In addition, check the openings to make sure that problems like settling have not caused them to become out of square and windows to not work properly.  

Remove Old Sashes and Hardware to Restore and Repair Openings  

There is a lot of old hardware that needs to be cleaned, repaired, replaced or removed before you can complete the window improvements when renovating your home. Start these repairs by removing the sashes and cleaning them. If there is wood that needs to be painted, sand it and paint the sashes before you put them back in the window casing. You may want to replace the old worn hardware.  

Repair Rotted Wood Trim and Preparing the Openings for a Fresh Coat of Paint  

Sometimes, damage to windows may only be on the outside around wood trim. To prepare the openings for improvement, you will want to repair this damage by replacing wood and filling in holes and cracks with a filler. If you want to upgrade the trim inside or outside of the window openings, this is also a good time to do so.  If you are going to be installing motorized shutters or shades, talk to the installer about the needs of the window treatments and if you need to add a box to the trim to hide motors and electrical wiring. 

Insulate, Paint, and Caulk Around Window Openings for a New Finish  

Before you begin replacing the interior trim that was removed, insulation should be added between the casing and structural framing to stop air leaks. Once you have replaced the trim, you can begin sanding and preparing for paint. Sand the surfaces of wood and apply a primer before you paint the exterior with a final finish coat. 

These tips will help you prepare your home for renovations with the right repairs. If you are looking for additional security and energy improvements, contact motorized shades services like Shades West to help add window treatments that are automated and efficient.