The Benefits Of Adding Door Screens To The Doors You Have In Your Home

You want the doors installed in your home to be practical and convenient to use. You also want them to provide a certain amount of protection for your home. 

You might feel less secure when the doors have no screen on them. You may prefer to attach door screens to the doors on your home for both your home's protection and your daily convenience.

First Line of Defense

When you have door screens on your doors, you can gain a first line of defense in keeping people out of your home. The door itself may have locks on it to guard against invasions. However, these locks may also be compromised with enough time and effort.

When you have door screens attached to the doors, you put up a barrier that thieves and burglars have to get past first. The door screens themselves may have locks attached to them that can pose enough of a barrier to dissuade anyone from breaking into your home. They may be unable to get past the first locks on the door screens to get to the locks on the inside doors.


Further, door screens can offer you the convenience of keeping your inside doors open during the daytime. You may want to let in natural light and air. You want to avoid leaving open the entryways to the doors, however, so anyone could walk into your home.

With door screens, you can keep the interior doors open and keep the door screens shut and locked. You can let in light and air without the worry of anyone breaking into your home or coming in when you are in another room.


Door screens are also practical to use in your home. You may want to keep insects like flies and mosquitos out of your home, for example. When you have your doors open, however, these insects can fly right in and become nuisances quickly. 

With door screens, however, you can keep insects out of your home. They cannot crawl or fly past the door screens. You can leave your interior doors open without the worry of insects getting inside your house.

Door screens offer numerous benefits to your home's function and safety. They can put up a first line of defense in keeping out trespassers and burglars. They can also allow you to keep your doors open to let in light and air. They also keep out insects like flies and mosquitos.