How To Maintain Your Home’s Vinyl Windows

Are you getting new vinyl windows installed on your home? Since you're starting over with new windows, you'll likely want to do whatever it takes to make sure that they are well maintained. Here are some tips that will help you do it. 

Pull Out the Window Pane

One of the nice things about vinyl double hung windows is that you can actually pull out at least one of the window panes, This will allow you to get into the areas around the frame, access the weather stripping, and generally get to places that you would not normally get to clean them. Take the time to learn how to remove the window pane and put it back in, since it will make caring for your windows much earlier. 

Clean the Edges of the Window Pane  

Having the window pane pulled out from the window will make it much easier to clean. Start by using a brush to get rid of the dirt and debris that is stuck on the weather stripping, since this will not damage the weather stripping during the cleaning process. This dirt and debris are going to slow down the window, make it harder to work the window and cause it to rub against the frame.

Check the Rollers

The window pane is also going to have rollers on it that should be cleaned off. It will help to rotate those rollers and scrub away the dirt and debris that is on them since that can also contribute to a window that seems to get stuck as it is moving up and down within the frame.

Clean the Inside Track

You should now have access to the inside track of the window to get rid of the dirt that has gotten stuck in it. If you have double-hung vinyl windows, you can move that outside window pane up and down to get access to the entire side tracks of the window. It is best to clean the top and side tracks first, and then clean the bottom track, because dirty water is going to drip down the bottom of the window frame simply by cleaning it. 

Clean the Exterior

The outside of the window can be cleaned by wiping it down with a sponge that has soapy water. The exterior of the window is designed to drain water that gets into the window frame, so it is going to be perfectly fine dealing with the water that gets into the frame from the cleaning process.