Three Places To Use Scalloped Siding On Your Home

When you decide to hire a contractor to replace the siding on your home, a conventional approach is to choose one type of siding that you like and then have the contractor install it on each outer wall of the residence. This isn't the only approach that you can take, however. While mixing and matching different siding types doesn't always work, there's one option that can definitely improve the curb appeal of your home. Scalloped siding, which has a series of curved bottom edges, offers a unique look. Visually, it can be a bit much to cover all of the outer walls of your home in scalloped siding, but this type of siding can work well in small doses. Here are three places to use scalloped siding on your home.

Under The Eaves

Scalloped siding offers a fun, whimsical appearance that can definitely help your home to stand out from the other residences in your neighborhood. One way to use this type of siding sparingly is to do so beneath the eaves on the front of the home. You can then choose a more conventional type of siding to cover the lower parts of the walls. You'll ideally want to ensure that the conventional siding beneath the scalloped siding is an exact color match.

On The Sides Of A Dormer

If you have one or more dormers that jut out of your roof, siding is a topic to think about. While some dormers have windows on each side, it's common for these parts of the structure to feature a small section siding. This is another location that can work well with scalloped siding. As with placing this type of siding under the eaves, you'll have conventional siding elsewhere on the exterior of the home. But, the use of a small amount of scalloped siding will bring attention to the dormers.

Around Your Front Door

People often look for different ways to make their front doors stand out. For example, one common approach is to paint the door in a bright color, rather than a neutral one. If you're keen on implementing a small section of scalloped siding somewhere on the front of your home, positioning it around your front door can be an option that you might find appealing. In this position, visitors to your home will certainly notice the scalloped siding and may feel as though its unique appearance helps to make your home inviting.

To learn more information about scalloped siding, reach out to a siding company near you.