Window Repairs Might Save Your Original Windows And Save Money Too

If the windows in your home are stuck, rattly, or leaking, you're probably frustrated with them and ready to replace them with new windows. Before you sink a lot of money into replacement windows, see if you can have your old windows repaired. Window repairs will be less expensive, and you'll be able to keep your home's original windows, which could be important for a historic home. Here are some window repairs that can save your windows.

Get Stuck Windows Working

Windows that are frozen in the frames are dangerous since they can't open in an emergency. Sometimes the windows get stuck after you paint them and the paint seals them shut. Other times there might be problems with a spring or cord. The window could even be off track. All these problems can be repaired. Your windows will glide as they should after being repaired, and you can avoid a costly replacement that's unnecessary.

Fill In Rotting Wood

Rotting frames are sometimes a problem with wooden windows. When this happens, you should investigate to find out why the wood is rotting. The gutters might be to blame if they're dumping water on the window rather than directing it away. Once the source of the problem is corrected, you can take a look at the wood to see if it can be repaired. A window repair service might find replacement parts or use wood filler to repair the rotted areas so the frames can be sanded down and painted to look new again.

Replace Broken Or Cloudy Glass

The glass in your windows is a separate consideration from the frames. If the glass is etched, cloudy, or cracked, it can be restored or replaced without having to replace the frame. Single-pane glass can be replaced easily, but in the case of double-pane or triple-pane glass, it might be necessary to replace the sash and glass at the same time if the panes are sealed together. Problems with the exterior of the glass, such as etching from pollution, can sometimes be fixed without having to replace the glass. The imperfections might be buffed out of the glass or chemicals might be used to get the glass clear again.

You may want a professional's input on whether it's best to replace or repair your windows when they're in bad shape. If you want an entirely new look, such as upgrading from aluminum to vinyl, then replacing the windows makes sense. If you plan to replace old wood windows with new wood windows, then trying to repair the original windows might be a good choice.