All Your Window Treatment Options When You Don’t Want Curtains Or Drapes

Look, we have nothing against curtains or drapes. They are a perfectly acceptable window treatment. Sometimes, however, you just can't have drapes. Baseboard heating makes it dangerous to have floor-length drapes and some pets can be problematic. So, what options are left?

1. Mini Blinds 

This is that tried-and-true options that we've all seen. Mini blinds are usually metal and come in a huge variety of colors, which makes them a great choice for kids room. They are very inexpensive and are a great quick fix when you are moving or short on cash. One unfortunate drawback is that they are not particularly durable and do not stand the test of time with children or pets. 

2. Wood Blinds

As an upgrade to ubiquitous mini blinds, wood blinds are a much more sophisticated and beautiful choice. Although wood blinds are available in real wood, the faux versions are just as nice and come in a variety of wider widths, up to five inches. Make sure the width you choose fits neatly inside your window casing when you opt for an inside mount

3. Roman Shades

Roman shades often work as a compromise when one partner prefers the fabric selections of drapery, and the other likes the sleek look of blinds. Roman shades and pleated shades are available in a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and textures. A nice, added detail to consider is contrasting "tape" or fabric trim that attaches to the left and right edges. 

4. Shutters

Wood shutters, real or faux, are a classic window covering that is enjoying a bit of a resurgence in popularity. This look complements a traditional home and decor but is equally well-suited in both transitional and country settings. As an interior window treatment, they can make quite a statement in a room. While the shutters typical swing open to let the light in, the louvers also adjust to allow light with a bit more privacy. Wood shutters are one of the sturdier options on this list as well. 

5. Verticals

Sliders and odd-shaped windows often leave homeowners perplexed as to how to cover them properly. While custom options are available, they can be pricey. Vertical blinds are an affordable alternative that can be adjusted to fit all those quirkier windows in your home. 

Window treatments options vary almost as much as the people selecting them. Choose what works best for your room, your budget, and your taste, whether that is installing wood blinds or putting in a window shutters treatment to your home.