3 Window Improvement Projects To Cut Energy Loss With Affordable Solutions

If you want to stop the energy that gets lost at windows in your home, you need to make energy-efficient improvements. However, improvements like replacement windows and storm shutters are expensive energy-efficient improvements. Luckily, there are more affordable options to improve windows and stop energy loss, such as installing window films or using thermal shades. Here are some affordable window improvements that will help stop energy loss.

1. Thermal Shades To Stop Energy Loss In Old Openings

Older window openings are often the cause of a lot of energy loss. This loss is a result of the windows being poorly insulated and having thin glass. One of the easiest and most affordable options to improve this problem is to add thermal shades to the opening. There are many different styles of thermal shades to choose from to stop energy loss and improve the appearance of interior design. The thermal window shades are also a great option when doing interior design to combine energy-efficient improvements with attractive materials.

2. Installing Window Films To Stop Thermal Transfer And Protect Against UV Rays

Direct sunlight is another major contributor of energy, which happens through heat gain during the summer months. To stop thermal transfer, window films can be added to the glass. The films will provide several benefits, which include stopping heat gain, protection against UV radiation, and reducing heat loss. Window films can also be colored or tinted to help improve natural lighting and provide more privacy inside your home where there is large glass. Glass films will also provide protection against shattered glass if you were looking for improvements that provide security and storm protection.

3. Replacement Glass And Repairs To Stop Energy Loss In Window Openings

The glass in older windows is sometimes thin and provides little insulation for older homes. Sometimes, there may be broken glass, damage to window frames, and missing insulation. Consider replacing the glass and doing repairs to stop energy loss that often affects older window openings. When doing repairs to window openings, you may want to consider improving the insulation around windows to stop air leaks. In addition, make sure that cracks and edges of windows are sealed with caulking when doing these repairs to stop air leaks.

These are some affordable window improvements that you will want to consider to make your home more efficient. If you need help with improving the windows in your home, contact a window film service like Sunblockers Window Tinting to help with stopping energy loss through old glass.