Fiberglass Is Great for Replacement Window Sashes

Investing in new windows is always smart. It is one of the very few remodels that upgrades the inside and outside of your property at the same time. Of course, when you update your windows, you often have to invest in other upgrades like new paint or window sills. Together, these new style elements can dramatically change the look and feel of your home's interior or exterior. If you are going to update your window fixtures, you probably want a product that is stylish, durable, and easy to maintain. This article explains why fiberglass is a product that checks all of these boxes.

Fiberglass Is Waterproof

Perhaps the most important feature of fiberglass when it comes to window fixtures is the fact that it is waterproof. Fiberglass has a durable, water resistant powder coat paint finish. This is important for both the inside and outside of your fixture. The outside of your fixture will not be affected by rain or by spraying them down with a hose to clean them. Likewise, the inside of your fixture will not be damaged if you use liquid cleaners on it. You can also easily clean fiberglass with the same liquid cleaner you are using to clean your glass. Over the years, the cheap and easy cleaning will save you time and money.

Fiberglass Is Easy to Keep Up

Long-term maintenance of fiberglass is also very simple. You never need to repaint, stain, or refinish fiberglass in any way. The powder coat paint is much more fade resistant than normal paint. Furthermore, even as the window ages, the fiberglass will not lose its waterproof qualities. Basically, as long as you lightly clean your fiberglass on a regular basis, you will not need to invest in serious repairs or refinishing.

Fiberglass Comes in Many Colors and Styles

Many people are surprised that fiberglass is available in so many great styles and colors. Some people mistakenly think that fiberglass is only made with a white, shiny, plastic-like finish. In reality, the advanced fiberglass styles that are used in window construction are very unique and diverse. Not only can you change from a textured product, you can also find just about any color in the rainbow. You can even find manufacturers who will custom-dye products to match your existing color schemes.

It is easy to see why fiberglass is such a popular product. It is priced comparably to products like aluminum, vinyl and wood. However, when you consider the cost of long-term maintenance, it ends up being much cheaper to own.