3 Factors That Will Help You Decide Between A Sunroom And A Screened Porch

Sunrooms and screened porches serve similar purposes. They allow your family to blend the interior of your home with the outside world. However, a sunroom tends to be viewed as more of an interior space while an enclosed porch is considered part of your exterior. This is because a sunroom can accommodate interior furnishings and a more open doorway. A screened porch, even a well-protected one, still requires outdoor furniture. There are other slight differences between the spaces, and the following guide can help you choose between the two. 

Your Climate 

Generally, sunrooms are constructed to be either 3-season or 4-season rooms. Both options will allow you to use the room during the summer, spring, and fall, and a 4-season room includes heating elements that make it comfortable during winter as well. This makes them an ideal choice for cold climates that have longer periods of cool weather.  

Screened porches are better suited for warmer climates, where you will be using the area to escape the heat during the evening or night. You may be able to extend the use of a screened porch with a heating lamp, but for year-round use in a cold climate you will need a sunroom. 

Sunrooms are also a good choice for extremely hot climates, such as the southwest, if you plan to use air conditioning to keep it cool on hot summer days. Also, you should keep in mind that in most sunrooms, the windows can be opened to create a screened porch effect. 


Because you have little temperature control on a porch, it is important that it is placed in a way that it will not overheat. For example, it may gain too much sun exposure to be comfortable to dine on during the summer if it is placed on the west side of your home. Also, rain and snow can significantly damage a screened porch, so it should not be placed on the windward side of your home. In these two cases, you should consider a sunroom.

If you place a sunroom in an area where it can be struck by direct sunlight and overheat during the summer, it is important to select low-e windows that will keep the interior of your sunroom cool.  


Screened porches are significantly cheaper, faster, and less complicated than sunrooms, especially if you are converting an existing porch. However, if you are trying to add equity to your home, then a sunroom may prove more valuable over time. 

Whether you want a sunroom or a screened porch, it is important to consider your options and discuss your concerns with a contractor. Contact a business like Blue Springs Siding and Windows to learn more.