5 Tips For Keeping Your Windows Crystal Clear In Between Professional Cleanings

If you've just had your windows cleaned and you enjoy the newly shined glass, you may be like many other homeowners and wonder how to make that sparkle last. With these 5 tips you can keep your windows crystal clear in between each professional washing.

1. Keep your blinds clean and dust free. If you notice that your blinds are good at picking up dust, consider more frequent wipe downs. Using an antiseptic cleaner and water mix, dampen a microfiber cloth with the mix and wipe down the blinds. After your blinds dry, spray them with a static guard product commonly used for laundry. This can work surprisingly well at repelling excess dust particles.

2. Keep an eye out for mildew around the window frames. If you do see some of the nasty black stuff popping up, use a diluted bleach-water spray, and coat the mildew evenly. Let it sit for ten minutes, then wipe away with clean water.

3. Don't forget about your outside screens. The screens covering your windows will inevitably collect dirt, pollen and other mucky and tiny debris. If you want to keep the outside of your windows clean, make it a habit to at least hose down and air dry your screens a few times in between the pro cleanings.

4. Your outside windowsills will also bear the brunt of the elements, collecting dirt and particles over the course of seasons. To combat this, you can adjust your cleaning routine to include scrubbing down your outside sills with a warm water, bleach and laundry detergent solution. Sponge away the dirt and grime with clean water and allow to dry fully. You can then apply a polishing wax to the windowsills. A light coat will repel dirt, dust, pollen and other debris and keep your windowsills from transferring that muck to your screens and windows.

5. Keep outside landscaping and irrigation away from your windows. If you regularly use a sprinkler system to water your yard, make sure there aren't any nozzles pointing at your windows. Even the occasional spray will cause any dirt buildup there is to drip and collect in clumps on the glass. Keep trees, shrubs and bushes trimmed away from your home and windows, otherwise you may end up with pollen, leaves and other plant matter making its way to your windows.

With these few tips added to your regularly scheduled professional window cleanings, you can keep your windows sparkling clean between each cleaning. You can also check with your professional window washing service for window-friendly cleaning supplies to help keep dirt and grime in check.

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