Five Easy Ways To Keep Your Windows Clean When Remodeling Your Home

Adding or improving your home can greatly improve your satisfaction as a homeowner, but living in the home during a major project will require you to work around a few inconveniences. When hiring a contractor, they will prepare the home for remodeling, which includes protecting the windows. However, you should know how to keep your windows clean when you are the one handling the renovation.

Keep Doors and Windows Open

Although it depends on the specific project and how much noise you will end up making, you should make an attempt to open the doors and windows while remodeling. Dust will accumulate quickly and be dispersed throughout the entire area, but the openings to the outside will prevent all of the dust from settling inside. Having the windows open will also keep them from collecting too much dust.

Cover with Construction Paper

If opening the windows is not an option, you should consider covering them with construction paper. It is a budget-friendly way to protect your windows from damage, as well as from dust accumulation.

Close Off the Project Area

Opening up the project area will direct some dust particles, but you want to keep the dust from spreading throughout your home. Closing off the work area will prevent the windows in other rooms from collecting dust. Two ways you can do this include keeping doors closed or closing off an area with plastic sheeting.

Dust Off and then Clean

As much as you try to prevent the dust from getting into other areas, your other windows will likely accumulate some dust, especially when working on extremely old parts of the home. While a regular duster can prove effective, you may need a blind duster to keep your window treatments clean as well.

Use Power Tools with Dust Extraction

When you invest in power tools to take on a hefty remodeling project, you should consider buying power tools with built-in dust extraction. Instead of trying to battle with dust on a daily basis, you can prevent it from becoming a major problem when you decide to use power tools that have protective hoods.

Keeping your windows clean is just one thing that you have to handle while remodeling, but it is crucial as it can greatly affect how your home looks from the outside. By taking preventive measures and getting the right tools, you can take on almost any remodeling project and not have to worry about dusty windows. For more window information, talk to a company like Mister Window Inc.