Small Crack In Your Auto Windshield? Why You Should Get It Fixed Now

If you notice a small crack in your car's windshield, you should get it fixed now rather than waiting until later. In many cases, these repairs are quick and the entire windshield will not have to be replaced. Below are two reasons it is important that you maintain the integrity of your car's windshield.

Provides You With Safety

If the crack in your windshield becomes larger, this makes the windshield weaken and it can crack easily. You do not want this to happen because your windshield provides you with protection if you are in an accident. It will stop you from being tossed out of your car if you have a bad collision, and it also acts as a roll bar if your vehicle rolls over.

You also need to think about the passengers in your car. The windshield could break if you collide into a car or something else, and the glass could fly inside of the car and cut them, most likely in the face and upper body.

Becomes Larger

If you do not get the crack replaced, it can become larger over time. This may be due to wind pushing against the windshield as you are driving at faster speeds. If the windshield ices over during the winter, it concaves a little. This concave is enough, however, to make the crack spread across the windshield.

Auto windshields are made with two pieces of glass that have a layer of vinyl between them. Because of this, moisture can get underneath the crack and weaken your windshield. The moisture can also freeze if the temperature outside drops below freezing. This will cause the windshield to expand, which may even cause more cracks. 

Once it becomes larger, the entire windshield will need to be replaced, and this is much more expensive than fixing a small chip or crack. Besides replacing the windshield, the auto repair technician has to replace the weather stripping around it, which makes it even more expensive to repair.

You can try to fix the crack yourself using a repair kit that you can purchase at an auto parts store. If this does not work and you cannot get to an auto repair shop to have the crack fixed soon, put a piece of tape over it. Make sure the tape is clear, however, so your vision is not impacted. This tape will stop moisture from getting underneath the crack.

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