Using Plantation Shutters In Your Interior Design

Interior plantation shutters date back to the plantations of the south, as the name suggests. They are designed with wide louvers, which allows the sun to shine in. The design is also contusive to enjoying the view. Plantation shutters can complement the decor in any room of your home.


According to Life Script, one great benefit of the wide louvers is they can be adjusted for privacy – a boon in the bedroom. You can angle them to allow the light in while shielding the room from view. Likewise, plantation shutters can be closed to thoroughly block the light, which makes for better sleeping conditions.


Speaking of privacy, the bathroom is another space where this is essential. However, you can open the windows but keep the louvers angled to block vision from the outside. This allows you to air out the bathroom or simply enjoy a cool breeze while bathing. Ask for plantation shutters that have been treated for humidity to protect them in this space.

Living Room

Whether your home features a true living room or an area you use as a family room, adding a divider rail to the plantation shutters affords you more control. In this case, the divider rail allows you to control the top and bottom louvers separately. Such a division is ideal when you're entertaining or even when you want to control the sunlight while maintaining your privacy.


Light and airy are usually the adjectives you want associated with your kitchen. Plantation shutters facilitate this ambience. White interior shutters complement most kitchen decor, from retro chic to ultra-modern, because they blend into the design. They especially work well with bright decor, though, such as sunny yellow walls or painted cabinets.

Breakfast Nook

Many kitchens feature a bay window or other corner space for casual dining. Sometimes these breakfast nooks can seem like an afterthought, though. Add cohesion to the design by selecting plantation shutters similar to those you select for the kitchen. White is an ideal color for the breakfast nook, too, since it creates the illusion of more space.

Dining Room

Consider stained interior shutters for your dining room. Quite often the dining room feels like a formal space, and stained shutters can add to that ambience. Conversely, if you select a lighter, more natural stain, the shutters can lend a casual appeal to the dining room.

Not only are plantation shutters an attractive addition to your home, they also increase its value. In fact, interior shutters can be an eventual selling point. More importantly, though, they add to your daily enjoyment with their beauty. To learn more, contact a company like Blinds & Shutters Direct with any questions or concerns you have.